What Does It Mean to Be a Smart Tan Certified and JCTA Member Salon?

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Not all tanning salons are created equal. Cabana Tan is a proud member of both the International Smart Tan Network and the Joint Canadian Tanning Association. As a member of these organizations we adhere to the highest industry standards to ensure the most responsible indoor tanning experience possible.

Our employees are formally and comprehensively trained to understand and follow exposure schedules, focus on the need for all clients to wear approved eye wear, and teach clients to avoid sunburn and overexposure, both indoors and outdoors. Adherence to proper cleaning and sanitation protocol is maintained, and Health Canada regulations are emphasized.

The ISTA and JCTA create and publish educational materials for both tanning operators and clients alike. The latest research being carried out regarding UV light is interpreted and communicated to member salons as part of their ongoing educational programs.

Rest assured that when you visit Cabana Tan, you are getting the most accurate and current information!