VersaSpa Pre-Tan Preparation and Maintenance Tips

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VersaSpa transforms your skin in just minutes. We want you to achieve the best results and the longest lasting tan every time so we have a few tips to help you get the most out of your UV-free spray tanning sessions.



To prepare for your spray tan, we recommend exfoliating, shaving, and conditioning your skin the day before your sunless spray tanning session. We recommend using the VersaSpa Pre-Tan Exfoliant. The exfoliator gently removes dead skin cells to create a smooth canvas for an even sunless tan. The VersaSpa Pre-Tan Intensifier balances pH levels and conditions the skin to accelerate development time and intensify the tan.

The day of your spray tanning session avoid using moisturizers, perfumes, lotions, oils, or deodorants that may create a barrier between the skin and the sunless tanning solution. You can resume using these after your first shower or bath.

To fully prepare for your UV-free spray tan, we recommend you watch the VersaSpa® Sunless Tanning Instructional Video so you know what to expect when you come in for your first session.



To give the DHA enough time to fully set, it is recommended to wait a minimum of 4 hours after a sunless spray tanning session or 8 hours for optimal results. Showering sooner may diminish the intensity of the tan. The colour produced by the cosmetic bronzer will wash off in the shower, but the color produced by the DHA will remain. We recommend using the VersaSpa Post Tan Moisturizer and VersaSpa Bronzer to maximize the results of your spray tan.

Normal activities such as bathing, showering, or physical activity will not affect the quality of the tan. However, swimming in chlorinated water or salt water can fade your spray tanning results and will diminish the length of your tan.

VersaSpa Skincare

All VersaSpa at-home products are created to enhance and extend your spray tanning results. Over the counter products are not formulated for sunless tanning. They may block the tan’s application, impede the development process, and create uneven post-tan fading. You can check out the full line of products in the VersaSpa SUNLESS PRO Product Booklet.

With warmer weather approaching, now is the time to book your VersaSpa UV-free spray tan. Bronze, hydrate and smooth fine lines in one session. Customize your tanning application by selecting one or combining all three full-body treatments – a pre-sunless pH balancing treatment, one of three sunless bronzing treatments, and a post-sunless super hydrating treatment. You will enjoy the process as much as the results.