Tips to Make Your Tanning Experience Even Better

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At Cabana Tan, we want you to have the best experience possible. These are some of the precautions you should take to maximize the enjoyment of your tanning experience:


Protect Your Eyes

Simply closing them or wearing outdoor sunglasses while you tan is not adequate protection against long term eye injury. Wearing the Health Canada compliant eye protection available at Cabana Tan can eliminate that risk.


Moisturize Your Skin

The heat and light from tanning sessions can dry out your skin. Because moist skin tans best, we recommend you moisturize before and after each tanning session to get the most out of each visit. Our staff can help you choose the best indoor tanning lotion to suit your skin.


Protect Your Lips

Lips do not produce melanin and will burn easily. It’s important to protect them with a balm or sunscreen.


Check Your Medications

Some medications can cause sensitivity to UV light. If you are taking any medications, please let us know.


Ease Into It

If you plan to tan in the nude, cover previously unexposed areas for the majority of your tanning session for the first few visits. Gradually increase exposure to these areas, giving the skin time to build melanin production.