Find Your Skin Type

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Medical experts have identified six skin types. Which skin type are you?


Skin Type I

Burns easily and never tans. These people most likely have bright white skin, blue or green eyes and freckles, which usually reveals an English, Irish or Scottish heritage. People with Type I skin should not tan indoors or outdoors. their skin is unable to produce significant amounts of melanin to protect them from sunburns that lead to skin damage.


Skin Type II

Can tan, but still susceptible to sunburn. Common traits include brown or blue eyes, red or blonde hair and freckles. Heritage is usually English, Scottish or Scandinavian. Type II tanners should be cautious and take any precautions to avoid sunburn.


Skin Type III

Tans easily, but still susceptible to moderate sunburns. The most common skin type in North America. These people often have brown eyes, dark hair and Central European heritage.


Skin Type IV

Tans easily and almost never burns. These people often have dark eyes, dark hair and Mediterranean, Asian or Hispanic heritage.


Skin Type V

Rarely burns and tans easily and evenly. These people have dark hair and eyes and are of Middle Eastern, Native American or Hispanic descent.


Skin Type VI

Can tan despite their black skin. Never sunburns. They usually have dark hair and are African-American.